Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine - Studio Ramsay/ITV1 - Camera Operator

Love Island 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 - ITV Studios/ITV2 - Off-rig Camera Operator  

Soccer Aid (Celeb profiles - Mo Farah, Didier Drogba, Paddy McGuiness, Yaya Toure) - ITV/Unicef - Director of Photography  

The Voice 2019 - ITV Studios/ITV1 - Backstory VTs Director of Photography

The Secret Life of 5 year olds on Holiday - RDF/Channel 4 - Camera Operator

The Yorkshire Ripper Files: A Very British Crime Story - Wall to Wall/BBC Four - Director of Photography

Ross Kemp and the Armed Police - Renegade/ITV1 - Daily lighting Cameraman

Is it safe to be gay in the UK? - Century Films/BBC Two - Director of Photography

HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel - HBO/USA - VT Director of Photography

My Online Nightmare - Blast Films/Channel 4 - Drama Director of Photography

Gordon, Gino and Fred's Great Christmas Roast - Studio Ramsay/ITV1 - Camera Operator

Back in time for Tea - Wall to Wall/BBC Two - Director of Photography

People of Science with Brian Cox: Sir David Attenborough - Contra Agency/BBC - Camera Operator

Love Island: The Winter Reunion - ITV Studios/ITV1 - Lighting Cameraman

A Year in the New Forest - Blast Films/Channel 4 - Director of Photography (Master IVs)

Hidden History: Before GrenfellBlast Films/BBC Two - Director of Photography

Boy George's 1970s: Save me from Suburbia - IWC Media/BBC Two - Director of Photography

Further Back in time for DinnerWall to Wall/BBC Two - Director of Photography

999: What's your Emergency? Series 3/4Blast Films/Channel 4 - Director of Photography (Master IVs)

Survival of the Fittest - ITV Studios/ITV2 - Off-rig Camera Operator

The Circle - Studio Lambert/Channel 4 - Off-rig Camera Operator

Secret Life of the Zoo - Blast! Films/Channel 4 - Director of Photography 

Saving lives at Sea - Blast Films/BBC One - Director of Photography (Master IVs)

100 Year Old Drivers - RDF/ITV1 - MOVI/Camera Operator

The Supervet  - Blast Films/Channel 4 - Director of Photography

Pride and Prejudice: The People's History of LGBTQ Britain - 7Wonder/BBC Four - Lighting Cameraman

Virginia McKenna's Born FreeDaisybeck Studios/Channel 4 - Director of Photography (additional photography) 

Puppy DaysBlast! Films/Nat Geo Wild - Director of Photography

Big Brother (Profile VTs) - Endemol/Channel 5 - Camera Operator

The Voice Series 5 - Wall to Wall/BBC One - Camera Operator

Back in time for the Weekend - Wall to Wall/BBC Two - Lighting Cameraman

Back in time for Christmas - Wall to Wall/BBC Two - Camera Operator  

The TV that made me - Raise the Roof/BBC one - Camera Operator

Rugby World Cup 2015 (VTs & Opening Titles) - ITV Sport/ITV1 - Camera Operator

Beatrix Potter with Patricia Routledge - Daisybeck Studios/Channel 4 - Director of Photography

The Invictus Games (Documentary & VTs) - BBC/BBC One & Two - Camera Operator

Handmade: Knife - BBC Scotland/BBC Four - Camera Operator

999: What's Your Emergency 2 - Blast Films/Channel 4 - Camera Operator (Additional filming)

Queen Victoria's Letters: A Monarch Unveiled - What Larks!/BBC Four - B Camera Operator

Narnia's Poet: CS Lewis - What Larks!/BBC Four - B Camera Operator


More credits available on request